Overland Park Ignition Interlock

Looking for an Ignition Interlock device in Overland Park Kansas?  We have been servicing the area for over a DECADE!  We have been helping people in your area get their state mandate Ignition Interlock requirement taken care of for years.  We have helped thousands successfully get through this process, and we look forward to help you as well.

2030 ImageBest Equipment, Best Service all for the Best Price!  We have state of the art technology that saves you time and money.  Our devices warm up quickly and analyze your tests in under a second.  This saves you time sitting in the cold waiting to get your car started.  We also have remote unlocking codes that save you a tow if you miss an appointment, or have an unexpected vehicle breakdown.

We also have local shops and technicians that ONLY INSTALL IGNITION INTERLOCKS!  These technicians are there to help you the entire way through the process.  They make sure you are taken care of and have all questions answered.  We even have a 24 hour support line in you needs answers after the local shop closes.  We are there to make your experience an easy one.

If you or someone you know needs an Overland Park Ignition Interlock or anywhere in Kansas, we have you covered.  We have shops all across Kansas and all across the U.S.  We have you covered, even when you travel.  Call 1-866-747-8278 or Schedule Online for a quick and easy setup.

Best Kansas Ignition Interlock Device

Very few of our clients actually WANT an Ignition Interlock device.  But, when the circumstance present themselves where we are required to have one you may as well have the best.  The Best Kansas Ignition Interlock Device can be found right here.  Smart Start of Kansas has the fastest, smallest, most technologically advanced ignition interlock device on the market in Kansas.

2030 ImageNow that we have found the Best Kansas Ignition Interlock device you are probably thinking it will cost you an arm and a leg.  We have also found a way to fix that problem as well.  We decided over a decade ago to treat people fairly and provide the best equipment and people would tell their friends.  To this day we have installed more Ignition Interlock devices over the past decade than any other company in Kansas.  We would love to do yours.  We have very competitive prices and if you find one out there that is less we will beat it.  Keep in mind that we don’t play the pricing games you will find.  What sounds like a great deal isn’t always.  We include tax in our prices, no up front deposits, no multiple month payments, no expensive early termination fees, no calibration fees, IN FACT NO HIDDEN FEES AT ALL!  We will shoot you straight with one low monthly cost.  We will provide you with service to keep you happy not saddle you with fees that prevent you from leaving us.

Got Questions?  That is what we are here for.  We have been doing this a LONG time and have helped more Kansans than anyone get their license back.  Use our online scheduling form to either schedule an appointment, or ask any questions you may have.  We complete all your paperwork for you for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGES!  We want to earn your business, and look forward to the opportunity!

1-866-747-8278    or    Schedule Online NOW!

Absolute Ignition Interlock Experience

You want the Absolute Ignition Interlock Experience?  You will find just that with Smart Start of Kansas.  Kansas Ignition Interlock has been installing the states Absolute Best Ignition Interlock devices for over a decade.  With shops all over the state including Olathe, Kansas City, Topeka, Lawrence, Leavenworth, Paola, Wichita, Salina, Manhattan and many many more you can find the most convenient, most reliable devices for your Ignition Interlock Needs!

2020blowSmart Start of Kansas will complete all required paperwork, install your device, notify the state and give you the Best Interlock Device on the market.  All this at the lowest total package price you will find.  We have no strange hidden setup or early termination fees, no missed appointment fees or ridiculous charges for extra mouthpieces.  We are up front and even include tax in our prices.  We encourage all to call and let us tell you how much we can save you on the Absolute Best Ignition Interlock Experience in Kansas.

Want one better?  Call us today and mention you saw this ad and we will throw in a FREE INSTALLATION IN OLATHE!  How can you beat that, BEST Ignition Interlock Device, Best Service AND THE BEST PRICE!!!!

Call today at 1-866-747-8278 to schedule an appointment or save yourself time and SCHEDULE YOUR INSTALLATION ONLINE!


Johnson County Kansas Ignition Interlock (Olathe, Overland Park, Shawnee, Lenexa)

Had a DUI in Johnson County Kansas?  Smart Start of Kansas has Johnson County covered now and has for the last 10 years.  Smart Start has been located in the Olathe Kansas area longer than any other Ignition Interlock company in Kansas.  We have the experience and locations that will make your process smooth and hassle free.

Conveniently located just a few block north of 119th and Strang Line in Olathe, Smart Start has technicians that are dedicated only to the installation and service of Kansas State Certified Ignition Interlock devices.  Smart Start technicians specialize in Kansas DUI paperwork and have helped thousands of Kansans get their license back.

We complete your paperwork, install your device and electronically report  to the DMV all of your paperwork to ensure you get credit for every minute you have the ignition interlock on.  We work with many local court in Olathe, Overland Park, Lenexa, Mission, Shawnee and many more in the Kansas City metro area.

For the most experience technicians who focus ONLY on ignition interlock, the best devices and prices that beat everyone, the Smart Choice is Smart Start for Johnson County Ignition Interlock

To Schedule an Installation of a Kansas Certified Ignition Interlock contact Smart Start of Kansas.  For more information feel free to visit our Ignition Interlock Website for Kansas or call us at 1-866-747-8278.

Install Ignition Interlock and In-Car Breathalyzer in Olathe Kansas

If you are required to have an Ignition Interlock device in Olathe Kansas you have found your solution.  We would like to earn your business and are confident you will be pleasantly surprised how easy the process can be.  This is what we will do for you.

  1. Assure you the best price.  We will meet or beat any price you are able to find.  We are confident that you will not find cheaper prices, but if you do we will meet or beat it.  This guarantees you to be able to get the best equipment at the best price.
  2. We will complete all of your state mandated paperwork and reporting.  Some companies have to hand write your monthly reporting, our reports are automated and are sent directly to the state.  This assures you that you are getting credit for every second you have your device on.
  3. Smart Start has certified technicians that ONLY do Ignition Interlock.  We have a physical location and have been serving Kansas and the Johnson county area for over 10 years.  We are always around for your convenience.
  4. Get you installed with the best quality product.  Smart Start has the best Ignition Interlock devices on the market.  We have features like remote unlocking that saves you having to tow your car if you have a positive alcohol test.  We also have one second testing.  Our device warms up fast and analyzes your test in ONE SECOND.  Ask our competitors how long the warm up and test taking process takes on their devices.
  5. No hidden fees.  Smart Start does not have mandatory fixed length contracts.  Some companies require that you sign a lease for the entire term of your requirement.  Then charge you hundreds and hundreds of dollars to leave them once you figure out their devices don’t work as advertised.  Or charge you $50 per violation on your device.  You will not find that with Smart Start.  We don’t play the pricing games, we give you an all-inclusive price, including tax.  Don’t be fooled by a fly by night company that is only trying to take advantage of your circumstance.  Smart Start has received customer referrals for years because we treat people right.

Make the Smart Choice and choose Smart Start for your Ignition Interlock needs in Olathe Kansas, or anywhere in Johnson County Kansas.  Call us today at 1-866-747-8278 or schedule a Kansas Ignition Interlock installation online with Smart Start today!  Or check out our other Kansas Ignition Interlock Locations.


Ignition Interlock of Johnson County

Smart Start has served the Johnson county area for over a decade.  We have been located in the Olathe, Overland Park, and Lenexa area throughout the past decade.  Smart Start has been around for longer than any other Ignition Interlock company in the Johnson county area.  You can count on us to be there for the long haul.

Smart Start is committed to providing ignition interlock in Johnson county.  Providing the best ignition interlock devices and in-car Breathalyzers is our SOLE business.  We only provide ignition interlock devices and service, it is not our side business.

Smart Start also provides the Johnson county with the best quality Ignition Interlock devices.  Located just up the street from 119th and Strang Line in Olathe and can provide you with the best quality, service and price in the Johnson County area.

For more info, or to schedule an installation of an ignition interlock device installation call 1-866-747-8278 or schedule your Ignition Interlock Installation online.

We will match or beat any price you find in the Johnson County area.  Contact us with any competing price and if you can find one lower for the same service, we will meet or beat it.