Hutchinson man gets 1 year for Ninth DUI

In a Hutch News Story, Mr. Seamster received a ninth time DUI.  As of July 1 or 2011, Mr. Seamster could have applied to receive his license back.  He would have however been required to have an Ignition Interlock installed in his vehicle. Mr. Seamster we would have to assume from the article did not do so, and now he faces his ninth DUI.

Now that he has re-offended under the new law, he will face the new DUI penalties.  He will serve a full year in jail, then be required to install an ignition interlock and prove he has used it for a period of 10 years prior to being reinstated by the DMV.  Kansas has passed this law to prevent individuals like Mr. Seamster from never being monitored, and on a permanently suspended license.  Mr. Seamster can legally get his license back, but only in the circumstance that he proves he can drive without drinking with a Kansas Ignition Interlock device on his vehicle.

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