123 Lives Saved and Counting…Kansas Ignition Interlock Law Works…Keep It!

Rearmirror50When the Kansas Legislature passed a bill in 2011 requiring Kansas Ignition Interlock devices to be installed on the vehicles of every DUI offender they did so with a clause that gave them a way to opt out in 2015 through a “Sunset” of the bill.  This sunset must be removed in order to keep the law in place and continue to see the lifesaving changes that it has shown.

In 2010 there were 138 Alcohol Related Fatalities in Kansas.  From July 1, 2011 when the new law took effect, to June 30th 2012 there were 59 Alcohol Related Fatalities in Kansas.  This is a staggering reduction of 79 Deaths, or a reduction of 57%.  Then in 2012 there was 94 alcohol related deaths, down from 138 in 2012, still down from our previous 10 year average by 30%.  These are real numbers and real lives being saved.

These are numbers that cannot be ignored or overlooked.  The Kansas DUI commission studied what would make the biggest impact on our state to save lives related to DUI for two years.  They have obviously put together a package that has saved many lives and we MUST PROTECT IT!  Check out the links below for more information.

You never know if one of the 123 lives saved so far was yours or someone you love.  We must not only keep the law but use its reporting abilities to increase the number of lives we can save.




Kansas Ignition Interlock Law Reduces Fatalities By 30%!

legisMADD has released a statment, you can read it here, showing that the law passed in 2011 has been responsible for the reduction in fatalities in Kansas of more than 30%.  This is a great accomplishment and all involved in the passage of this law should give themselves a pat on the back.  This came from many long hours invested by legislators, attorneys, treatment providers, prosecutors and many more.  The result though is 44 less families getting a call that their loved ones have been killed by a drunk driver.

I applaud MADD and state lawmakers for their effort to reduce drunk driving, as do many others.  We will never know if one of those lives saved belonged to a member of our families.  But there is still work to be done, there are 94 families that still got that call or knock and more can be done to stop that from happening.

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Kansas Ignition Interlock Works…By the Numbers

The State of Kansas Legislature approved mandatory ignition interlock for all DUI offenders in Kansas on July, 1 2011.  This was after many years of studying and contemplating the benefits of such devices if they were mandated for all DUI offenses.  Hundreds of studies and hours of testimony went into making a decision that was best for the state of Kansas. All of this information was apparently analyzed correctly because the numbers show that is it is working, and working well.

Studies released by the Department of Transportation for 2011 show a dramatic decrease in the amount of alcohol related fatalities.  Lower than we have seen in over a DECADE.  In 2010 Kansas suffered the loss of 138 lives due to drunk driving.  In 2011, with the help of new laws in many areas including Ignition Interlock on ALL DUI offenses in Kansas, we reduced that number to 76.  A 45% reduction in drunk driving fatalities.  IT WORKS!

There were also a reduction in alcohol related accidents.  This reduction was 13.7%.  There is work to be done though.  Historically we have seen that programs that are for longer lengths are more effective at actually modifying behavior after the interlock is taken off of the vehicle.  And best of all longer programs with incentive based removals have the best impact for immediate reduction in deaths as well as long-term change in behavior.  Most importantly, those who continue to violate the program by attempting to drink and drive, are on an interlock permanently and do not have the capacity to injure anyone.

So in short, a big pat on the back to the Kansas Legislature.  You have taken steps to reduce drunk driving fatalities and have succeeded.  We are moving in the right direction and should be commended for the hard work, and intense study that went into this law.  We also must not become complacent.  Research is proving more and more the effectiveness of properly written and implemented ignition interlock policies.

We have been progressive and forward thinking as a legislature and in return have saved lives.  Congrats Kansas we are moving in the right direction!

Graphs provided by Lawrence Journal World.

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Retail Breathalyzers: Do they work?

There are many retail breathalyzer BrAC testing devices on the market today.  Whether or not they are reliable and worth the money is the focus of a recent KWCH.com story that you can watch here. (Link No Longer Active through their website.)

What I have found over the years of working with different breath testing equipment is you generally get what you pay for.  If you buy a breathalyzer for very little money you are generally not going to want to rely on it to save you from a costly and dangerous DUI.  Most of these inexpensive devices do not use fuel cell, alcohol specific technology.  This technology is too expensive to be included on the cheaper devices.  Devices with the less expensive sensor cells generally will hold its calibration for a shorter period of time, reduced accuracy and is susceptible to things such as cigarette smoke, chewing tobacco, car exhaust fumes and spicy foods.  These are all downfalls of a cheaper, novelty style breathalyzer device.


Another reason to be careful of these devices is you will generally not be able to calibrate them.  With our Smart Start Ignition Interlock devices we calibrate them at a minimum of every 60 days, but typically our devices are calibrated to within .005 or five thousandths of a point every month.  Most of the cheaper breathalyzer devices are not designed to be calibrated, and if you purchase a more expensive device the cost of buying the calibration equipment would be a very expensive endeavor.

So while all that is said, if you do wish to spend the money on a handheld Breathalyzer test for purposes of preventing a DUI, do so carefully.  Check the reviews very carefully to see what others are saying about them.  While some are rather cheap, you wan t to make sure you are getting more than a disposable toy for your $50.  Make sure it can be calibrated, and contact me for info on calibrating it in Kansas, I may be able to point you in the right direction.  And don’t trust the results with you life.  Use good judgment and don’t count on its accuracy to save your life, or prevent a DUI.  Many of these cheaper, novelty type Breathalyzers just don’t hold calibration well enough to count on.  Be safe!


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