Can an Ignition Interlock or Breathalyzer detect Pot?

Can A Breathalyzer Detect Pot? We get asked many times whether or not our Ignition Interlock devices can detect marijuana.  The answer is no.  We cannot at this time detect anything other than products that contain alcohol.  Our devices are alcohol, as well as those used by law enforcement, are alcohol specific.  This means that they only detect the presence of alcohol.  Fuel cell devices are an advancement over the previous version which were sensor cell devices.  Fuel cell technology eliminate things such as cigarette smoke, chewing tobacco and spicy foods showing up as a “false positive” reading for alcohol.  The “false positive” reading has all but been eliminated with this newer technology. MarijuanaWhile our units cannot detect marijuana it does appear that there is now a roadside test for the presence of marijuana in a subjects saliva.  While you may not have smoked marijuana in the preceding hours before the roadside test, the presence of it in your system appears to be plenty to show that you are unable to or “perceived” to be unable to operate.  You can read the article by clicking here. Regardless of whether the individuals impairment is from a high reading of marijuana or not, in Kansas an “alcohol or drug related” conviction is enough to get you charge with DUI and most likely a license restriction to driving with an Ignition Interlock device on your vehicle.  If you fail to appeal your ALR, or Administrative License Revocation, with in around 15 days you will be required to have the Ignition Interlock device. Smart Start provide the best in Kansas Ignition Interlock devices.  Our office also provides services for Iowa Ignition Interlock as well as Nebraska Ignition Interlock.  Smart Start as a company provides locations all across the United States as well as many other countries.  Our devices are state of the art and provide easy, cost-effective programs to get you through this process.  We not only provide the device for you but we also will provide you with experts to take you all the way through the process.  If you are in Kansas, Nebraska or Iowa we will complete all your paperwork up front and get it ready for you to sign and take to get your license back. We also provide you with the same services at the end of the program, after reporting to the state on your behalf monthly at no additional charge.  This is just a value added service for using Smart Start for your Ignition Interlock needs. Call 1-866-747-8278 for all your Ignition Interlock questions or needs.  We provide answers to all your questions for no charge, we want to earn your business and will work hard for you!  You can also schedule online by clicking here.  We have locations all over Kansas, Nebraska and Iowa and can’t wait to serve you!